Case Studies

  • Celebration of artistry, beauty and vision from around the world
  • 850 hours over the course of a 12-day production schedule
  • More than 32,000 visitors were treated to the Fendi showcase
  • Earned Bombshell Productions industry accolades with Two Silver ADDY® Awards

Fendi (December 2013)

The Challenge

All the client had was a drawing – but that two-dimensional sketch started an elaborate production process led by Bombshell Productions, which resulted in an opulent, transcendent space that would cause passersby to be mesmerized by the beckoning lights and artistic creations within.

The Metamorphosis project was for Design Miami, as part of a showcase featuring furnishings designed by Maria Pergay for Fendi, and the space to be transformed was inside a large, enclosed, air-conditioned tent, next to the Miami Beach Convention Center. Occurring alongside Art Basel, the occasion was a celebration of artistry, beauty and vision from around the world, and Fendi desired to be among the brightest luminaries of the show.

Adding to the complexity was the newness of our client relationship. Our Fendi contact was based in Paris, and therefore was not familiar with Bombshell Productions' expertise, the regulations surrounding construction in the U.S. or the resources available in Miami. The responsibility for perfection was inherently upon us.

The Strategy

Working with a design company in France, Bombshell developed the two-dimensional drawing into a reality, managing materials, budget and scope continually. To produce the sparkling light that the design demanded, our designers incorporated more than 200 double-sided mirrored, acrylic panels into the space. The mirrors were suspended vertically by fishing tackle, strong enough to carry the weight from a ceiling constructed of 12 sections and metal reinforcements.

Not only did Bombshell crew design and build the ceiling, which was constructed to hold more than 1,300 pounds of live load, but crews also built an additional three walls. The walls served as foundations for electronic TV feeds, lighting and specially crafted information panels. In essence, Bombshell built a livable, design envelope of 20' x 30' x 11'-6" in a parking lot.

Working on around-the-clock schedules, technicians and craftsmen painstakingly designated mirror placement, installation and finalization to meet stringent client specifications. In the final hours of production, the project required special video editing of the footage to be aired on the TV monitors, vinyl lettering created and formatted for the walls, and the last-minute addition of artwork from France that was installed at 2 a.m.

In its entirety, the Fendi showcase required 850 hours over the course of a 12-day production schedule.

The Result

More than 32,000 visitors were treated to the Fendi showcase, a visually inviting display of light, design and luxury. A feat of creativity, efficiency and sheer engineering genius, the Fendi project became more than a large feather in Bombshell Production's hat; it became an industry award-winner.

In 2013, the Metamorphosis project garnered two Silver ADDY® Awards, also known as the American Advertising Awards presented by American Advertising Federation, in local and regional competitive categories.