Case Studies

  • Series of wacky, zany, destructible, eye-catching and totally memorable challenges
  • Earned Bombshell Productions industry accolades with a Silver ADDY® Award

Red Bull (April-September 2013)

The Challenge

Red Bull presented a series of wacky, zany, destructible, eye-catching and totally memorable challenges to the Bombshell Productions team. Although each project could easily be presented on its own, we wanted to package them to illustrate the breadth and depth of our team's commitment to creative, outrageous fun.

The Projects

MXT Flying Cans

Red Bull gives you wings, right? Well, how about wings for your ride? Red Bull approached Bombshell Productions to create a promotional concept, designed to increase awareness of their annual Flugtag event (more on that later) by giving wings to their MXT vehicles, literally. Our crew commissioned local artist Nicholas Nehaniv for the dynamic can shape and wings, then produced the cans for safety, security and durability. Attached to the trailer hitch, the flying can seemed to be a true accelerant, exploding out of the back of the MXT vehicle. The concept was so cool that we recreated it for a second vehicle, this time with the Atlanta Falcons logo as inspiration. The Flying Cans swooped through the streets from April 4-September 21, 2013.

Bloomin' Onion Flugtag

Take an iconic menu item and turn into a life-size, manned structure that will break apart upon hitting the water at high speeds. Yep, we can do that. At the internationally held Flugtags, Red Bull celebrates life's daredevils and adrenaline junkies by launching them into the air and water in contraptions that demand great imagination. In 2013, Bombshell Productions was commissioned to build a giant Bloomin' Onion – a large fried onion appetizer – as a flugtag craft for Tampa-based Outback Steakhouse. While most of the flugtags are created for competition, our project was intended for promotional use only and was showcased for its incredible design and detail at the Red Bull Flugtag Miami. It even had a huge vat of spicy dipping sauce.

Kangaroo Express "Salute Our Troops" Model Plane Campaign

Kangaroo Express had a multi-faceted request that had to be fulfilled with one dynamic conceptual design. 1) Our client wanted to recognize its charitable partner, Salute Our Troops, with an exciting campaign that was interactive and completely unique. 2) Kangaroo Express requested that Bombshell Production build a 1:24 scale version of the WWII Waco Aircraft Company GCA-4A US Army Glider. The model was an authentic military and historical representation with specialized design features. 3) And finally the model, which had a wingspan of 47 inches, had to travel. It would be the featured attraction for a tour of Kangaroo Express stores throughout Florida and Alabama to build awareness for the Red Bull flugtag and Salute Our Troops. The model was designed to assemble and disassemble easily with rare earth magnets and metal strips and travel in a custom-built shipping box. The traveling US Army Glider inspired Americans to remember our soldiers during the July 8 – September 12, 2013 tour.

The Result

In 2013, the MXT flying cans project earned Bombshell Productions industry accolades with a Silver ADDY® Award, also known as the American Advertising Awards presented by American Advertising Federation, in regional and local competitive categories. The Bloomin' Onion Flugtag and Kangaroo Express "Salute Our Troops" Gliders won Silver ADDY® Awards in the local competitive categories.