Bombshell Capabilities


Custom Fabrication

Our clients seek us out with the expectation that Bombshell Productions can build their vision, no matter what it is. To make this happen, our artists explore every resource and material to make just about anything. We create with wood, metals, plastics, fabrics, mesh, glass, liquids, synthetics and paint in ways that even surprise us.

Experiential Marketing

At Bombshell Productions, we define experiential marketing as transformative, immersive and real. Our talent lies in our ability to take an empty space from air and dust to a fully inclusive environment. Our projects leave lasting impressions that excite and resonate.

Talent (TA #1091)

If you’re only as good as the company you keep, then Bombshell Productions is verifiably explosive. With a core team that hails from film, theatre, TV and industrial design, our network of performers and technical professionals is wide and deep. Because we know both sides of production, we understand what it takes to create environments that can blow your mind. To us, being a licensed talent agency (TA#1091) is a badge of honor we wear proudly. We have an exhaustive roster of talent including daredevils, cirque artists, a wide range of bands and fire performers. Plus, we have the crew and insurance that covers it all.